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No-Poo Perseverence

Hair-washing is a weirdly frustrating topic for me. I’ve been no-poo for over a year now, which has mostly gone superbly. I had a hiccup this summer when we were moving across the country and camping along the way. Let’s just say my hair was not flowing in the wind. Once we got to Calgary, it took a few washes to bust through the oily buildup, but I finally got my hair looking like my hair again.

Fast forward about 4 months, and my hair is giving me trouble again. I don’t know if it’s a difference in the water, the drier mountain air or simply a lack of variety in hair wash– whatever it is, my hair is not having it. My trusty buddies baking soda and lemon juice just don’t seem to be doing the trick anymore.

In desperation, I tried washing with honey, thinking a humectant might stop my scalp freaking out. It did soothe my scalp, but it didn’t do much in the way of getting my hair clean. I let my hair chill out for about a week, and then tried baking soda again. Still, it didn’t work.

Now, at this point, many people would have caved and bought a bottle of frigging shampoo already.

Well, this is where the weirdly frustrating part comes in. I’m allergic to coconut, which is found in most skin and hair care products in the form of a bajillion derivatives. I’m also extremely sensitive to scents and perfumes. Kiss My Face makes a great olive oil soap, and I use almond oil to moisturize, but I’ve yet to find a 100% coconut-free shampoo. Also I’m really stubborn and don’t want to lose the magic hair growth I’ve had since ditching the bottles. (My hair is the longest its ever been!)

So for all those health and also ego-related reasons, I wasn’t about to hop off the wagon. So I turned to eggs. Egg yolks, to be specific.

Egg yolks and my hair first became besties probably about a year ago. I was a few months out from going no-poo, and my hair was at its grossest and waxiest. I was afraid I would have to give up. So naturally I turned to Google, and I wish I could remember the name of the blog that saved my hair, because really it did. The answer was egg yolks, and just the yolks because they cook at a higher temperature than egg whites. This is really important because you will end up with breakfast in your hair at least once. And then the next time you’ll decide its worth freezing your butt off in exchange for eggless hair.

I’m not sure why I stopped using egg yolks as a hair wash, because it works really well and doesn’t seem harmful done once or twice a month. I would usually use two yolks to wash my hair, but this time I used three just to make sure I’d get through the oily buildup. I followed it with my usual lemon juice rinse and finally, finally, I have clean hair.

The hidden lesson here? If you really want something, make sure you really have exhausted all your options before you throw in the towel. You’ll probably be glad you did.



5 thoughts on “No-Poo Perseverence

  1. I’m going no poo for the first time, and I live in Texas and no matter what type of hair you have, come summer it gets greasy. I was hoping baking soda would cover it,but good to know there is another option! I think my aunt told me did the egg yolk wash in the 70s she learned it from Native Americans when she lived with a trib in Washington.


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