Unintentional Hiatuses

They happen, guys. These things life throws at you that you weren’t at all ready for; these things that really throw a wrench in all your plans. Sometimes there’s a quick solution, but most times there isn’t.

I didn’t mean to take a break from blogging so early into it, but life happens.

I had high hopes for the new year. Anyone close to me knows 2015 wasn’t my best ever. So, I was going to make 2016 my bitch. (Sorry, mom.)

The first week of January, my partner found out he didn’t get a permanent position he’d interviewed for.  The very next day, I found out I don’t have multiple sclerosis (super good news!), but my doctor also told me that I do have fibromyalgia (not so good news).

So far I’d say this year has definitely had other plans than laying submissively at my feet. This year has already, in fact, exhibited shocking ballsiness and so far has done pretty much everything I told myself — crossed my fingers —  it would not do.

After a week or two or three (OK, maybe it was four) of wallowing, I decided enough was enough. I could not continue consuming Double Stuf Oreos at such a rate. (Shocking revelation, right?) Something had to be done, which roughly translated to, “I need to do something.” You know, other than Netflix and knit. Fibromyalgia might not be going anywhere, but I am sure as hell not going to let it be the boss of me.

I resumed studying medical transcription editing so I can one day — soon, hopefully — be gainfully employed from home. I started looking for part-time work. I started cooking and gasp even cleaning a little. And now I’m writing again. I’ve realized I missed it.

Life’s rhythms include ups and downs, periods of great energy and productivity, and then some where you need to take a time out — a hiatus, of sorts — from something or other.

I came back to my blog when I felt I was ready. Unlike I might have in the past, I don’t feel like a failure because I skipped out on my new blog for a few months. Life happened, and that’s OK — I’m just happy to be back.

When’s a time life got in the way of your plans? How did you bounce back? Share your thoughts in the comments! 🙂




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