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March Madness

If you know me at all, you know I’ve never really cared about basketball. If you don’t know me, let me tell you: when I say March madness, I do not mean college athletes. What I mean, really, is several things, including putting mayonnaise on my head (more on that in a minute…).

One, it’s March 31st. Isn’t that madness?! We are one quarter through the year, and it’s probably totally inappropriate to even call it the “new” year at this point. You know, the year so many of us said would be “our year,” 2016. And I won’t lie, my 2016 did not start great, so I’m quite happy to turn the page on this chapter thank you very much.

Two: yes, I put mayo in my hair. When my boyfriend got home and I told him, he looked at me like I was nutso. Apparently, not everyone has heard of mayonnaise in your hair to make it shiny. I use egg yolks to wash my hair sometimes, and mayo has egg yolks so…it’ll  be fine. Logic, right? Not quite. While my hair isn’t the mess you might expect it to be — and it is shiny, I’ll give it that — it’s not as clean as I’d like it to be. I don’t use conventional shampoo though, so someone who does might get different results. The beauty of (temporary) unemployment is I can do weird things to my hair and it doesn’t really matter, so I’m not done experimenting. (Or writing about it.)

Third crazy thing that happened in March? Our health insurance company FINALLY approved my claim for a wheelchair. It took several letters from my doctor, who I’m super grateful for, but they finally said yes. Now there’s only a few more weeks of waiting to get out of the way — peanuts compared to the last several months I’ve spent mostly housebound. If I’m being totally honest though, what I’m looking forward to the most, even more than going shopping, is going to the Calgary Zoo (and the West Edmonton Mall). Eeeek! So excited!

Finally, has anyone else noticed what a ginormous difference some real live sunshine can make? My sunlamp is a godsend, no question, but there’s just something about getting some real rays! After a dreary winter and a few really cold days the last couple weeks, I’m looking forward to some warm spring weather. Keep your fingers crossed the forecast for Saturday will hold — it’s my birthday!


Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites: March 11 edition

It wasn’t until I was most of the way through outlining this post that I realized there’s a real kitchen theme going on here this week. Strange…but not really, I’d probably live in my kitchen if it was a bit roomier.

The weather’s been nice and it would sure be great to enjoy that, so without further ado, this week’s Friday Favourites!

1. This IKEA French-press coffee maker. No, they still aren’t paying me. ($9.99 for 1l size; $6.99 for 0.4l size.)

IKEA’s UPPHETTA French press coffee maker. In stores only.


Alright, time for some real-talk. Not everything found at IKEA is worth the “deal,” but this guy totally is. At ten dollars each for the larger size — yields two cups of coffee if the two people drinking are fiends like my partner and myself — you can make some pretty tasty brew without spending too much money on equipment. My previous French press was of a brand that shall remain unnamed, cost me about three times as much, yet still wasn’t as functional — and the reason is simple: the plunger on this press has a flat top.

While the flat top on the plunger doesn’t change anything about the coffee, it makes it a LOT easier to set the thing down without having it roll away and onto the floor. It also helps avoid messes because it’ll catch any drips — less mess = less cleaning = a happier Joe.

The only drawback with the press so far is that I have a penchant for flavoured teas, and heat makes the plastic on the plunger absorb smells. And let me tell you, strawberry flavouring just will not budge from this plastic (apparently). Unless you enjoy oddly flavoured coffees, you might want to get a second press if you’re planning on using it for tea.

2. Zucchini, tomatoes and bell peppers. So tasty it had to get into this post.

Just chop some up and trow it all into a pan with some olive oil, salt and pepper. Cook it together until it looks and smells like something you want to eat. (Trust me, this is something you want to eat.)

It’s seriously that easy. Last night we had it with chicken. So good.

On a related note, I really enjoy it when something really yummy comes together out of the sad crisping drawers. (Maybe it’s just ours, but the fridge light never seems to reach those bottom drawers?)

3. Frozen spinach pucks.

Yes. Spinach pucks. Mind you, they’re only pucks because they’re frozen. Yes, I promise frozen spinach pucks are on this list for a real reason and not just because I like saying frozen spinach pucks.

Several reasons, actually.

First, they’ve made my goal of getting greens into my smoothies a lot easier. Just throw a few pucks in there and you’re golden.

Second reason I love these? The spinach is cooked, which makes it much easier to digest — a huge plus for many people, but maybe especially people who are chronically ill. Why waste energy on digesting raw spinach if your bod doesn’t like doing it, know what I mean? I’m no saint, I’m not getting even a cup of spinach in each smoothie, but greens are greens dammit and I’m gonna pat myself on the shoulder anyway.

So while we’re on the subject…what veggies have you been into lately?