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Are you living in fear?


We hear a lot about fear these days; too much, really. But it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. No fear or terrorism, or fear of our U.S. neighbours’ election — but fear of shaking up my own life.

Just this week, I launched my Etsy shop. This is a huge leap for me — a leap of faith in myself. And I was absolutely terrified. I still am terrified.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m learning how to run a business as I go along. No matter how much reading or planning I did, I was never going to feel ready or prepared — but I was letting fear stop me from trying.

So I decided to just go for it.

My small business is something I’d been thinking about and working on for several months already. It came to a point where I needed to set actionable goals and just get ‘er done.

Notice I say actionable goals.

For example, I made an announcement on my business Instagram setting a launch date for my shop.

Making a list of what needed to be done was the next step. Then I just had to take action, tick off one item at a time, and make it happen. And I’m proud to say I did.

It’s great to have goals. Laudable, even. But what makes dreams come true is action, plain and simple.

You can’t make something of yourself if you don’t do. 

The past few days have been scary. My amazing boyfriend has had to calm me down more than once. But, with only a few orders under my belt, it’s already really rewarding; it’s already worth it.

Today, I challenge you to reap the rewards of doing something that scares you. Tell me about it, if you want. 🙂