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Friday Favourites: December 4 Edition

Growing up, I always anticipated Oprah’s Christmas special with excitement. I mean, who wouldn’t want all of Oprah’s favourite things? The woman has great taste.

I’m no Oprah, but when I find a product/recipe/book/movie I love, you’d think I was a paid sponsor. I just can’t shut up! So, full disclosure, no one is paying me to write about my favourite stuff. I just don’t want anyone to miss out!

1. These blueberry buttermilk scones

I got the recipe here, and just tweaked it by using whole wheat flour instead of white. The recipe is simple, but lemon zest makes them feel fancier. A word of warning to fellow spoonies: making these (or any scones, really) requires a bit of elbow grease because of the cold butter. For a treat — or a scone fiend like my boyfriend — they’re well worth the effort. (They’re also really great with some halved cranberries thrown in. Just saying.)

2. The “unicorn yarn” seen in the above Instagram picture

And also in this Instagram picture:

It’s Bernat Handicrafter in Candy Sprinkles, but I think it’s really made of unicorn tail hair. Either way, washing dishes is way cheerier with a colorful knit dishcloth. This yarn was also super cheap, which is a huge plus when you’re a newbie knitter like me.

3. Gilmore Girls

Right, so this TV series has raised many questions, mainly: HOW did I get to 2015 without ever watching this show?!  The coffee and the books and boys…I’ve gone through almost the entire seven seasons in probably less than seven weeks.

The second big question I have is, which Gilmore Girl am I? I feel like people usually identify either as a Lorelai or as a Rory but I feel like I’m both? Does anyone ever identify as an Emily? Does she count? And who do I really think is right for Rory? For Lorelai?! So many questions!

I can definitely see myself re-watching this show as long as it’s on Netflix —  I’ll figure out which Gilmore Girl I am eventually.

4. Netflix!

Netflix isn’t news at this point, but this is the first year I’ve taken note of added holiday content, even a Netflix Original Christmas movie. (Bill Murray? Count me in!)

There are some classics like Jingle All The Way (1996) and The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), but also some newer ones like Arthur Christmas (2011).

I haven’t watched any of the Christmas movies just yet — I’m that obsessed with GG — but I’m looking forward to marathoning some of them next week after we’ve put up the tree. 🙂

5. This mac & cheese and meatloaf from Brewster’s

This dish blew my mind. If you didn’t know bbq sauce went with mac & cheese, I’ll forgive you. I didn’t know it either until I ordered this last Friday. And then I went and forgot my leftovers in our friends’ fridge. Yeah.

Oh, and in case you couldn’t tell for sure — that meatloaf is indeed wrapped in bacon.